By purchasing bulk, you save on packaging and money.
Once empty, you can return your empties for a 5% Discount on refills

Step 1: Fill out our form

Fill out the form below and wait for our confirmation email

    Step 2: Prepare the containers

    Ensure that your empties are clean and dry.
    Make sure to label your item(s) with the following information
    so that we know it’s yours

      Shepard Refill
      Contact no.

    Step 3: Drop-off your empties

    Send your empties to our drop-off/collection point:

      Shepard Life Goods
      Lobby reception, MSY Tower, Pescadores rd
      Cebu business park, Hippodromo
      Cebu City, PH 6000

    Step 4: Wait for our notification

    Wait for our notification for payment and pick up/delivery!

      Thats it!
      Return Your Empties