Bar Tray



A 100% natural hair and body bar tray, made with diatomaceous earth, a naturally occurring sedimentary material that is super absorbent, lightweight, and durable, helping bars drain faster and last longer.


• Safe and chemical free: The bar tray is made from natural, non toxic 100% Diatomaceous Earth materials

• Lightweight and highly durable with an excellent ability to absorb water

• Allows the bars to drain faster and last longer

• Eco-friendly: Packaging is recyclable paper

• Sustainable and plastic free

• Super hygienic: Resists and prevents mould and mildew, reduces germs, prevents build-up of bacteria

• Stylish, sophisticated, luxurious, and modern desitgn


•Our Bar tray is made of Diatomaceous earth which is a 100% natural material that is constantly regenerating, and “removes” as much carbon dioxide as all the rainforests in the world combined.

• When placed in the sun, it absorbs carbon dioxide and water from the
environment resulting in oxygen being released as a by-product.


USE: Put the bars on the tray to drain and to keep it dry.

CLEAN: To clean the bar tray, simply run it under water and prop it up to dry. If the bar tray becomes waterlogged, simply prop it against the wall to dry through properly.

Just some advice: Clean and place the tray in the sun every few weeks